Boys Select League

MYL Select Lacrosse Program offers MYL member towns an additional playing opportunity for their more experienced and committed U15 (7th & 8th grade) and U13 (5th & 6th grade) players to enhance their love for the game and improve their lacrosse skills through competitive games versus the best players from surrounding towns.


The MYL Select Lacrosse Program is a natural extension fully integrated with the traditional MYL Town Program and is guided by the same mission and goals of the MYL as a whole. The MYL Select Lacrosse Program practice & game schedule does not conflict with the MYL Town Program weekly practice & Sunday game schedule and is open to ALL interested towns. Players choosing to play on an MYL Select Lacrosse team MUST also play on their town's traditional MYL Town team as well.


Keys Points:

  • We established the MYL Select Lacrosse Program for the following reasons:

    • Improve the overall program and positive experience for all involved in the MYL

    • Enable more experienced middle school youth players to play together on a unified town team

    • Simplify parent/player travel & carpool logistics w/ local practices/games

    • Improve the competitive level of lacrosse, competition & capabilities in all players, teams & towns

    • Stay in sync with, and complementary to, the mission & goals of the traditional MYL Town program

    • A natural extension and logical progression of a growing MYL

  • and NOT for the following reason….

    • We are NOT doing this for the sometimes mentioned wrong reasons; to be exclusionary, Select to a fault, Elite Team fever, A-B-C rankings, or the better-than-you mentality.


Program Comparison:


Program Name:

MYL Select Team

MYL Town Team

U7 & Intramural Team


by grade, age & experience

by grade & age

by grade, age & if new


Teams @

U15 (7th/8th) & U13 (5th/6th)

U15, U13, U11, U9

U9 (2nd) & U7 (KG/1st)




New to Lacrosse

Game days

Fri. nights or Sat.



Practice days

Weekdays (1 or more)

Weekdays (1 or more)

Weekdays (1 or more)

Season Start/End

March to June

March to June

April to June



MYL Select Lacrosse games will be held on Friday nights or Saturdays. The MYL Select Lacrosse practice & game schedule will not conflict with the MYL Town practice or Sunday game schedule. The MYL Select Lacrosse program will have Division standings, playoffs, championships, and an All-Star game at the end of the season.  


Team Composition, Player Eligibility & Selection Process:


Players choosing to participate in the MYL Select Lacrosse program MUST also play in their MYL Town program to be eligible for the Select season. This is a league rule and cannot be waived by town programs. The criteria for choosing players for  MYL Select Lacrosse Team may vary from town to town; however, as a guideline, it is recommended that towns select players based on experience, skill level, desire & commitment. Some towns may choose to hold tryouts while others towns may work off of coaching input or have players & parents self-select. Players meeting the experience requirement should also have the desire & commitment to play on a competitive town-based team before opting on to an MYL Select Lacrosse team.


While MYL Select Lacrosse teams may not necessarily involve player tryouts, many of the teams participating in the MYL Select Lacrosse program will be at a higher level (versus a Classic team) at a particular age group.  


MYL Select Lacrosse Program, League Structure & Spring Season Details


The MYL Select Lacrosse program is an extension of the MYL and its mission to teach, grow and honor the game of lacrosse throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The league stresses sportsmanship and fair play, where every game is played with our 'Spirit of the Game' philosophy. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of lacrosse.


The MYL Select Lacrosse Season overview:


  • 7 regular season games

  • 1 tournament game ("win and stay in" tournament)

  • 1 All-Star game per age group

  • Each game will have two EMLOA Referee Officials.


MYL Select Lacrosse Structure:


  • Teams will be Town-based from MYL Programs.

  • Players MUST play in their MYL Town program. If their town offers a Select team at the appropriate level, a player must play Select where they play Classic.

  • MYL Select Committee Region representatives, we will work together to finalize & communicate any additional program details and adapt the program where needed.


MYL Select Lacrosse Game Schedule & Divisions I and II III:


  • Games will be played primarily on Friday nights or Saturdays. No games on Sunday so that players can participate in their MYL Town game. Rainouts can be re-scheduled as long as both teams agree on an upcoming date.

  • Game scheduling will generally be done by region. However, there will be cross-regional play. MYL Select Lacrosse teams should be prepared to travel a bit further for games, especially during the playoffs, to facilitate a competitive game schedule throughout the spring season.

  • Town teams will be entered into one of three divisions:

    • Division 1 - Established Programs: mixed grade and/or "upper" single-grade teams. 

    • Division 2 - Developing teams or small programs: plays primarily D2 with some D1 or D3 games. 

    • Division 3 - New programs or "lower" grade-based teams: requires a waiver. 


MYL Select Lacrosse League Fees:


  • Team fees for each season will be set before registration opening, including the  Ref fees (paid by the league). The home team is responsible for game balls and timekeeping.


MYL Select Lacrosse Tournament:


  • The MYL Select tournament will be held over the final two weeks of the season.

  • Where practical, there will be six (6) playoff brackets. Every team will appear in one of them:

    • U15 D1  Championship Bracket                 U13 D1 Championship Bracket

    • U15 D2 Championship Bracket                  U13 D2 Championship Bracket

    • U15 "Best-of-the-Rest" Bracket                 U13 "Best-of-the-Rest" Bracket

  • The Select Competition Committee will determine seeding for each bracket

    • As part of this process, the SCC will use a formula to determine a power-ranking

    • The formula includes the following factors, listed in order of weighted importance

  1. Your win/loss record

  2. Your opponents' win/loss record

  3. Your opponents' opponents' win/loss record

  4. Cross divisional adjustment (regardless of a victory or defeat)

  • At NO point will Goal-differential or Goals be considered in setting brackets or seedings


MYL Select Lacrosse Member Agreement:


  • Each town must provide a safe, regulation-sized lacrosse field at no cost to the league for all home games.

  • Each player and coach must be registered with MYL and in good standing. 

  • All coaches in the MYL Select Lacrosse program must be MYL-certified. Coaches are expected to wear their certification lanyards around their necks and be visible for each game.

  • If a town enters more than one MYL Select team at any age level, those two or more teams must play in different Divisions.

  • Teams must provide a Roster, including coaches and managers, based solely on those registered online with the MYL ( Changes to a team's roster during the season must be updated on the website and communicated to the head coach of the opposing teams before any upcoming game.